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Bruno Grife is a musical producer, remixer And mastering engineer, who has been Utilising his formal knowledge in electronics For building and modifying musical gear to Suit his compositions and live performance.

Bruno appeared on stages alongside

Depeche Mode (opening Depeche Mode's Tour of The Universe debut),Justice,CSS,

Calvin Harris in festivals such as SWSW, Szieget, Rock en Sien, Berlin Pride and Artistically collaborated with Elliphant, John Reid (Nightcrawlers),Petite Meller, ELEW, Richard Judge, to name a few.

Music that Bruno composed and produced has Been featured in Warner Brother's blockbuster Movie "Final Destination 5", ASCAP award Winner CSI Miami and Fox TV hit series "So You Think You Can Dance”.

Bruno has won the “Skully" award for Best Musical score in Los Angeles Screamfest Festival 2013, for writing the full music of The psychological thriller 

"Goldberg & Eisenberg”. 

The sound of Grife music is a mixture of Analog and digital instruments fused with Celestial synths and apocalyptic beats.

His live performance includes original Tunes and his remixes of iconic 90's songs Combined with creation of new music in real Time using a fusion of vocals, Live drums, Custom Bass guitar synthesiser and the use of Different hybrid midi controllers to Manipulate the audio spectrum.


Give it Away (Grife Remix) - RHCP
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Pure Shores (Grife Remix) - All Saints
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Black Hole Sun (Grife Remix) - Soundgarden
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Shiners ft. Trouble in Paradise
Bruno Grife Live compilation
Give it Away (Bruno Grife Remix)
Bruno Grife Live With The Seirenes

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